The good and the bad of playing free online casino games

It is said that the best things in life are free. This must be true considering that everyone likes a freebie. When it comes to online casinos, free games are the beginnings of the many freebies that online casinos have to give to their players. The advantages and disadvantages of these are often misunderstood or completely overlooked even though it is imperative for players to know and understand them before playing the free games.

The good

Online casinos offer free play for the purpose of new players trying out some of the casino’s game offerings before signing up. This is an advantage for both the casino and the player but also implies a disadvantage for the player. Firstly, for the player, the supply of free games means that they get a preview into what gaming packages the casino has. This helps the player see if they like the games and hence if they can last as a permanent, paying member of the casino before they make the decision to sign up. The free play games will also give insight into the casino’s software functioning and whether or not there are any malfunctions such as constant glitches.

The casino benefits from supplying free play games because it is usually after trying them out that a player will decide whether or not they like the variety of games at the casino and hence decide whether or not to sign up with the casino. This means that the casino does not have to deal with as many dormant accounts as it would have had to if players were not sifted out during the free play games stage.

Another important advantage of free play casino games is that they are easily accessible to anyone anywhere in the world. Most online casinos do not require players to sign up to play at the free play version of the casino. Therefore, people with no desire to play for real money are still allowed the benefit of playing online casino games.

The bad

As with everything else in the world, online free play games come with disadvantages as accompaniment to the advantages. For starters, free play games take nothing and give nothing back. This may seem like an obvious point but it is something that will prove quite painful for a player who, for example, tries a game out and hits the jackpot in his first few tries at it. The regret that he should have rather been playing from a real money account starts setting in. This is especially since the odds between free play and real money accounts are exactly the same. Additionally, free play casino games set an expectation in players that a game will be easier or at least as easy to win once the player has signed up for a real money account. Not only is this not true but it sets players on a dangerous track where they keep playing just because they once one a large sum of «money» during free play.

Moreover, the free play version of any online casino will never have the complete list of games on offer. This means that although the player does get to see a bit of the games on offer, the games that the casino omits may actually be the games that the player could like. Not just this; players playing through the free play version of an online casino do not get to enjoy the full benefits of that casino such as being part of the loyalty programme and receiving bonuses and other rewards.